Health Care Bill(s) & (Many) Higher Ed Websites

Some random connections:

  • Similar in that the “solutions” don’t account for the real audience that matters: patients / students
  • Similar in that those with ultimate decision making authority are swayed too much by lobbyists and insiders
  • Similar in that those in positions of power tend to be too insular in their thinking and don’t go out of their way to listen to their constituents
  • Similar in that opponents to change, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative change, use fear tactics as a mechanism to stop it (death panels / uncontrolled blog commenting)
  • The end product is, at best, a grand compromise that makes everyone, even the most important people it targets, suffer in needless ways
  • The old choice of “make it fast, cheap, or well- pick two” is turned into “make it fast, cheap, or well- pick all three” only to end up as “make it fast, cheap, or well- pick none.”

I’m sure there are others, but I’m already depressed having gotten this far.

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