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What Marco Said…

Marco Arment’s post about the Android/Windows Phone 7/etc. market is spot on. I’m continually at a loss as to why companies in this market make it a priority to pump out new and different products as quickly as possible. Their product mix becomes so fractures it confuses customers. Now, none of these companies owns the entire vertical to the extent that Apple owns theirs which is the core of the problem. Since there isn’t tight integration (companies would likely disagree with me on that point), they can’t create a single (or, at the very least, a small number) of well…

Review of Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications

My rating: 3 of 5 stars If you’re at all connected to the social media world within a work setting, much of this book will be basic to you. That said, it’s easy for lots of small opportunities and ideas to fall through the cracks on a day-to-day basis and this book will bring back some of those missed opportunities. I kept a list of ideas to investigate and think about again and for that, I give it three stars.

The Big Picture

I love’s Big Picture and want to bring it to the University of Denver. We already get a stream of student supplied photos, but we hide them behind our password protected internal system. A true shame, but hey, new year’s resolutions…

Folding a Fitted Sheet

I’ve been a proponent of the wade it up and shove it in the closet technique, but maybe after this lesson, I’ll do it differently. (probably not) via Kottke

Video Tips: Cooking Shoots

I’m new to the video world. I don’t own a video camera (well, my phone, but that’s not why I got it), lights, mics, editing software or anything else associated with video production. Naturally, of course, I don’t let that stop me from tackling self imposed video assignments at work. I’m certainly no expert (hardly a novice), but that won’t stop me from using my blog to spit out some tips from what little I do know. My assignment was to shoot a how-to baking segment like you’d see on any cooking show. Here’s what I learned: Have a script…

Peter Merholz Presentation: Upgrade Your Mandate

Higher ed organizations are poorly structured to create exceptional customer experiences across all points of contact. In this talk, Peter Merholz discusses the symptoms of broken organizations and how they can become truly customer-centric.

Tension Between Marketing and Usability: Part 2

In my previous post about the push and pull between marketing a site and making it usable, I try to make the case that the DU site leans too heavily toward marketing when all available data suggests usability is more important. However, on second glance, I believe I need to clarify my stance and I’ll use the home pages from Google and Apple’s developer conferences as an example. My bias is toward a balance between marketing and usability, but the bias gives more initial credence to usability than to marketing. Why? Because you can market the hell out of a…

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