One of Trump’s latest tweets…

His conclusion is hypocritical, of course. As a public figure who uses Twitter to communicate with the public, he is a de facto one-man media outlet—one chock full of the dishonesty he abhors in others.

Given that no single individual can easily gauge (nor even keep up with) what’s true and what’s not, it’ll be hard to trust the man. He has a track record so far of blowing whichever way the wind dictates or, probably more accurately, whichever way his self centered nature take him. And that is the crux of the problem with a Trump presidency for me: I think he’s in this for himself. And given that Trump could be diagnosed as a narcissist (he’d never agree to be assessed, of course, nor willing to accept any diagnosis he didn’t like), this isn’t a radical idea. He uses rhetoric to build passion and support only to wind up doing whatever he sees fit to do. Forget about his past statements, commitments and promises.

Will he be a disaster? Time will tell. Until then, I fear for his lack of attachment to anything consistent and to his grasp of reality as a whole. Good grief, I hope I’m wrong.